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Said at Southeastern is the unofficial index of student, alumni and faculty blogs related to the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We have three goals for this site:

  1. Foster community through online connections.
  2. Promote the many excellent writers represented in our index.
  3. Raise the profile of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as an institution like no other - actively reaching out to the world by spreading the Gospel.
How does this website work?
The editors of Said at Southeastern link to student, alumni and faculty websites in three ways.
  1. Our metablog via Google Reader. This is where the latest posts listing is generated.
  2. Our Featured blogs on the Said at Southeastern homepage. These are interviews with active bloggers. We aim to to one Feature a month.
  3. Our blogrolls.
We depend on the users of Said at Southeastern to notify us of new feeds, broken links and unacceptable writing on any feed.

Who is responsible for all this?
This website has no official connection with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The administration of the Seminary is not responsible for the content of this site. However, we hope this site will prove useful to them in their mission. The site itself was originally started by Tony Kummer in July of 2007. We are thankful to him for his effort to initiate such a site. There is no doubt we would not be here if he hadn't started it. In December of 2007, Glenn Ansley, a student at SEBTS took over project for Tony. If you have any question or comments, we would love to hear from you.


-M said...

I like how you have the "read more" option under the latest post listings...I miss that feature over at the said@southern site.

Ben said...
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Jim said...

Hey Tony,

Thanks for starting this... Ever since I had found Said at Southern I've been looking for the Southeastern version.

R and R Fellowship (www.randrfellowship.blogspot.com) is made up of a few guys (me included) who went to/go to Southeastern.

Tony Kummer said...

Thanks I'll get you guys added.

On Said At Southern I am using a whole different 'complicated' set up. For this site I wanted to keep it basic so I am only using the Google reader output. I appreciate your suggestion - so I'll check into it.

Anonymous said...

This was a great idea. I like both of your sites. Thanks for taking it upon yourself to develop one for Southeastern. (And thanks for the plug.)


Tony Kummer said...

Thanks. I am really enjoying the content from these blogs.

Jim U. said...

Also Tony,

I'm Jim Upchurch (www.baldjim.wordpress.com). Not sure if you had me on the blogroll.

Tony Kummer said...

Thanks I'll double check. I see your feed to the bottom right...

Sorry, I missed you on the blogroll, but I just fixed it.

Lew A said...

Interesting... I didn't even know this existed until I checked my Google analytics today and saw that you are my 6th highest referrer.

Good idea!

Tony Kummer said...

Glad to help.

Eric said...


My name is Eric Carpenter. I'm a SEBTS grad (2006). Please add my bog to this list. It's entitled "Hammer and Nail." The address is www.ericcarp.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have moved my blog to www.meditationsonthelaw.wordpress.com

I just thought I would update you on this.

Dougald McLaurin

wlh said...

Add me to the list


Tony Kummer said...

I should have you guys added now. Let me know if I've missed someone.

Anonymous said...




Alan Knox said...
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Alan Knox said...

I recently ran across this blog from an SEBTS student:



Big B said...


Hey, this looks like a great place to cyber-meet other students of SEBTS. I post my thoughts on God, books, school, and life at "Take Hold of One Man" ( http://britttreece.blogspot.com ). Please add my blog as well.

Thanks, and may God receive the glory from all of our words,

Britt Treece

Dan said...


My name is Dan and I am an undergrad student at SECWF.

This looks pretty cool. A couple of friends and I have a philosophical blog that we just started: http://tmnp.blogspot.com.
It would be awesome if you could add it.



tenjuices said...

what about daveblackonline.com

and dare I say...


tominthebox is a must. absolutely hilarious.

Dan said...

The TMNP blog is no longer running, but I have a blog at hollowagain.blogspot.com if you wouldn't mind adding that. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like this...I like this a lot.

Wes Handy said...

For some reason, my blog has fallen off the feed. Can you check on it?




John Cheatham said...

I have a theological blog (relevantgeneration.net) and a personal blog (cheathams.blogspot.com). I don't know if you link personal blogs, but thought I'd include it anyway. Thanks.


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