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Is there a biblical mandate to celebrate Christ's birth?

This week's question is:

Is there a biblical mandate to celebrate/remember Christ's birth?
What implications might your answer have on the Christmas season?
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Alan Knox said...

I can't think of a biblical mandate to celebrate or remember Christ's birth. The virgin birth became an important part of the gospel very early in the 2nd century (Ignatius), but I don't remember any suggestion to celebrate the birth of Christ then either. Perhaps we should recognize that celebrating Jesus' birth has very little (if anything) to do with living a life of faith. But, I'd love to hear other people's suggestions.


alanreynolds said...

I can't think of a biblical mandate either. But, I can't think of any reasons, biblical or extra-biblical, not to. It may not be "necessary," but I don't think it would be a bad idea to celebrate it. The day that God came into the world to redeem us is an important day, to me. But, as a mandate, it certainly isn't one.


Drew Pearce said...

Is there a mandate? No. Is it ok to celebrate? I think so, as long as we remember that the story of Jesus' birth isn't really about Him being born as much as it is about God's plan to save His people, and in that we ought not remember His birth without also remembering His death and resurrection.

Tom Cabral said...

If Paul said we should be all things to all men, and the culture has a winter holiday, that provides for Christ being the center of, then I believe that we should use it to dialogue about our great God and Savior. I don't see it in the scriptures, but traditions are a great way to bring peoplr back to worldviews, and show that the Christian worldview and Christ is the answer to our dilemma.

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